Dear Neighbor,

I am proud to be running to represent the people and families of the two towns that make up Connecticut’s 30th House District: Berlin and Southington. With your help, we can win the election on November 3rd and continue the fight for our values in Hartford.

This is an unprecedented time in America and across the globe. I am running for state representative because I understand that as we and so many of our neighbors face the hardships of a global pandemic, our towns need a champion who is fearless. I am ready to be that champion. 

Connecticut needs to take real action in response to this crisis. As your state representative, I will focus on efforts to revive the state economy, such as re-employment measures, tax relief, and healthcare protections. Nothing is more important to me than making sure that no one is left behind in our economic recovery. 

Our next state representative needs real government experience to form a coalition in rebuilding our state in the wake of this crisis. I have gained this experience throughout my decades of public service. I’ve worked as a litigation paralegal. I serve on the Berlin Town Council, where I have helped write numerous balanced budgets that were financially sound. Before that, I did the same on the Berlin Board of Education. As a result of this experience, I am confident that I can address Connecticut’s fiscal woes directly. 

I pride myself on my deep ties to the Berlin and Southington communities. To help seniors during the Coronavirus pandemic, I started ‘The Lasagna Project.’ I have spent the past weeks and months cooking lasagna for those in need and bringing them a warm meal. So far, I have distributed over 100 lasagnas to Berlin and Southington residents. I do this because I love and care about our community immensely. 

The Berlin and Southington communities have done so much for me, my children, and my grandchildren over the years. Now, I am running for state representative so that I can truly give back and deliver tangible results for all the people of these quintessential New England towns.

Please take care of your neighbors. Be kind to one another, be considerate of one another, and be gentle with one another. Check in on those you know and those you don’t know. Let those around you know that you care. That's what we do in Berlin and Southington!

May you stay safe and healthy.




JoAnn Angelico-Stetson

Candidate for State Representative, 30th District