Meet JoAnn

JoAnn Angelico-Stetson is currently serving her second term as a Berlin Town Councilor. She previously served concurrently on the non-partisan Berlin Board of Education and Economic Development Commission. JoAnn was recently re-elected to represent the 6th District on Connecticut’s Democratic State Central Committee for a second term, and serves as a Justice of the Peace. “I am so honored to have served, and continue to serve, the Town of Berlin and local communities in various aspects of leadership. I’ve collaborated with so many remarkable people on different boards and commissions, and have learned so much from everyone on my journey to my candidacy for State Representative.”

JoAnn is also involved in community service and advocacy efforts as she has been since her youth. In this capacity, she volunteers annually with the Town’s Department of Social Services in their annual food and gift distributions. As a member of the Board of Education, which was recognized as a Board of Distinction, she was an advocate and proponent of funding for the ESS program (Effective School Solutions), which services the Town’s at-risk students. JoAnn was a member of PROTEC, a political action committee that successfully campaigned to keep Berlin’s Board of Education a non-partisan entity. Her activism includes organizing the Berlin contingent of the Women's March on Washington, and participation in organized protests and demonstrations in support of gay marriage, women's reproductive rights, gun control, police brutality, and immigration issues. She also served on an interfaith task force addressing Islamophobia at the Berlin Mosque, and on a committee addressing the opioid epidemic.  Just recently, she co-organized a “Peaceful Protest in the Park” as part of the revolution to eradicate racism. “Advocacy has been a passion and focus for me since I was very young. It profoundly affects me when marginalized people and oppressed populations are harmed, and subjected to intolerance and verbal and physical attacks. I cannot sit idly by while injustices occur all around us.”

When the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated the need for people to be shut-in, thereby creating widespread food insecurity, JoAnn Angelico-Stetson organized “The Lasagna Project.” JoAnn prepares and delivers her homemade lasagnas every weekend to elderly Berlin residents and families-in-need. So far, she has delivered over 100 delicious lasagnas. “Feeding people is fundamental to building our community. When I deliver my lasagna to people in town, I don’t ask them what political party they belong to. And they don’t ask me. We talk about our children and grandchildren. We talk about how things were when they were growing up. I listen and let them know they are not alone. They’re so appreciative to receive a warm meal and know that someone cares.”

By profession, Angelico-Stetson was the Legal Administrator of Chadwick & Stone, LLP for 26 years until its dissolution in 2017. She is now employed as the Senior Litigation Paralegal at Ford & Paulekas, LLP in Hartford. “I am privileged to work with a fantastic group of dedicated and committed individuals serving a diverse group of clients and businesses.”

JoAnn Angelico-Stetson was raised in Wethersfield. She graduated from Wethersfield High School and attended Central Connecticut State University where she studied communications and psychology. JoAnn is the fiercely proud mother of three children who she raised in Berlin, predominantly as a single parent. Her daughter, Marisa, 33, is engaged to be married in 2021 and works as a school counselor with at-risk high school freshmen. Vincent, 31, works in asset management, and Dylan, 23, is a public relations professional and aspiring screenwriter in Los Angeles. Vincent’s wife, Beth, is a civil engineer, and Marisa’s fiance, Bryan, is an educator in Rocky Hill.

JoAnn is also the proud grandmother of very handsome twin boys, Sebastian and Harrison, almost 3 years old, and their little sister Cecila, almost a year (Vincent and Beth’s children). “I am completely in love with my grandbabies. There is so much light and love in them and I see so much promise for the future in the eyes of these beautiful, bright children!” JoAnn is the eldest of three sisters, and a proud aunt to three nieces and a nephew. Finally, she says, “I’m fortunate to live within minutes of my parents who are healthy and active. My significant other and my rock, Sal, and I have been together for six years. I also have so many beloved friends - and I can't imagine my life without all these wonderful people with whom I’m graced.”